GLBMA Benefits

 Access to a network of regional manufacturers that participate in open exchange of ideas

Exchange best practices with non-manufacturing industries.  As well as plant tours and best practice training 

Access to training and tools for continuous improvement  including demographic, community and area wage/salary information - upon request 

Events with industry speakers and partnerships with other state manufacturing associations 

 GLBMA scholarship program for members and their families

 Online directory listing, industry news updates, annual fundraising and social events throughout the year

GLBMA History



Saginaw manufacturing expanded rapidly through organized efforts by local merchants.  Developing the area formally know as Brewster park to become one of the first industrial parks in Saginaw.

They had raised $212,000 to provide free land for new manufacturers, bringing together companies that made matches, plate glass, phonograph cabinets and cash registers.


On January 1st, Joseph P. Tracy assumed the duties of the Merchants and Manufacturers Fund and the Board of Trade.  He entered into an agreement with the Grand Truck Railway Company of Canada to lease three lots on Brown Street for $1 a year.


September 19th the Saginaw Manufacturers Association was born.  Established by:

Harry Wickes           Max Heavenrich

Therodore Huss       Arthur D. Eddy

John L. Jackson       Delbert E. Prall

A.C. Melze                James S. Smart

Benton Hancl            M. Tanner

Ralph Morley

The organization operated for many years under the Saginaw Manufacturers Association and was based out of the Board of Trade, what is now Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce. 


Under the leadership of Grant A. Schaefer with Schaefer Technologies, Inc., the organization once again changes the name and focus of the organization.

The Saginaw Valley Manufacturers' Association began a region focus to address industry wide needs.  The organization was than moved to the Saginaw Valley's Business & Industrial Development Institute at Saginaw Valley State University. 


The organization moved to the Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership and updated the name to the Great Lakes Bay Manufactures Association.  now serving Saginaw, Bay, Midland and Arenac counties with a continued focus on addressing the current needs of manufacturing. 


The current board of directors decided to revive the organization.  The GLBMA was moved to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center at Saginaw Valley State University. under the direction of Jeremy Bockelman, helping manufacturing succeed in today's ever changing world.